Kyoto Institute of Technology Department of Information Science

Messages from Students

I Chose KIT Because it Specializes in Technology and Art in an Integrated Manner

Today, products are required to look good in addition to being functional. That is why I sought learning opportunities that would help me develop not only engineering knowledge and skills but also an aesthetic sensibility. Because it aims to integrate technology and the arts, I chose Kyoto Institute of Technology as the institution that would best meet my needs.

Explaining the Mechanisms of Organisms through Numerical Expression

At present, I focus on control engineering, the study of properties of objects expressed by mathematical models. For example, humans wake up in the morning and feel sleepy at night. This is the effect of protein concentration changes in the human body. A mathematical model has been proposed to express these protein concentrations. If we succeed in working out a way to incorporate periodicity into that mathematical model, we may be able to discover more about the mechanisms of living things. I am happy to engage in research with unanswered questions that may lead to new discoveries. Our professors encourage students to get to know each other and spend time together in the laboratory even if this kind of activity has little to do with our studies. I feel that friendly relations among students and researchers, promotes the exchange of opinions about our research activities, facilitates mutual communication and relieves pressure when we have deadlines approaching. In research activities, we must work interdependently, rather than independently, if we are to effectively solve problems. Following our professors' instructions, I have learned how to address problems in cooperation with others, rather than all by myself. Teamwork is very important.